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Large Bellarmine jug circa 1690

Large Bellarmine jug circa 1690
Item Large Bellarmine jug circa 1690
Description German stoneware jug. Some stoneware jugs imported from the Rhineland have a bearded face on them. They are known as "Bartmann" ("bearded man") jugs or sometimes "Bellarmines" after Cardinal Robert Bellarmino (1542-1621). Cardinal Bellarmine was a Jesuit, an opponent of Protestantism who publicly condemned King James I for his treatment of Catholics. However, the first Bartmann jugs were produced while he was still a child, so it is more likely that the bearded face originally represented a Wild Man, a popular figure in European mythology of the time.
Measurement 42 cms high
Condition Good, general age wear
Stock no SN. BJ2
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