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George III silver salver London 1792


George III silver salver London 1792

Item George III silver salver London 1792


Maker W. Fountain & D. Pontifex, finely engraved round the rim and with achievement to the centre.

The achievement holds an eogeo shaped shield which is in a per pale field with per fes to the dexter half. It is surrounded by flowers and foliage. To the dexter side are two pierced mullets (stars) above the invected and engrailed lines, (the lines representing earth or land), held within it eight ermine tinctures and below this, another pierced mullet.

On the sinster half are what appear to be 3 stylised armoured hands, couped at the wrist.
Atop of the shield sits the crest of a tower (representing safety and grandeur) above a twisted torse (wreath)

The dexter side of the shield is the side that would be in front of a man’s right shoulder and the sinister side would be in front of his left shoulder
The pale and fess are known as ‘ordinaries’ and represent Military belt or girdle of honour and Military strength and fortitude, respectively
The tower or castle may represent Grandeur and solidity. Sometimes granted to one who has held one for his king, or who has captured one by force or stratagem
The foliage is possibly Acacia Branch or Leaves representing Eternal and affectionate remembrance

Measurement 41 cms diameter, 54.7 troy ozs
Condition Excellent
Price GBP £3,850
Stock no SN. FDP
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